Data is transported via the AGBRIDGE™ Mobile App

Data files are transported between the field and office by way of our powerful AGBRIDGE™ Drive and our simple to use AGBRIDGE™ Mobile App.

From field to office

Data sent from the field is first downloaded to an AGBRIDGE™ Drive in the same manner as a thumb drive. Once the download is complete those files are automatically copied to the user's smart device by simply launching the mobile app. These files are now ready to be transported to the office by way of the AGBRIDGE™ Cloud Server. If no data connection is available or the user would prefer to wait to send the files via a different data network, the files remain on the phone until the transfer is complete. Once delivered to the cloud server, the files are synced with each computer configured for that account.

from office to field

Prescription, boundary and guidance files are sent from the office to the field by simply copying the files into a machine's folder. The files are then automatically synced with the AGBRIDGE™ Cloud Server and delivered to every smart device configured for the account. The files are delivered to the machine's AGBRIDGE™ Drive when the user enters the machine's cab and powers up the Drive. To complete delivery, the user imports the files from the Drive in the same manner as with a thumb drive.

No Expensive Modem. No Additional Data Plan

AGBRIDGE™ is a UNIVERSAL solution that utilizes the user's existing data plan(s) and smart device(s), and works with any ag controller containing a USB or compact flash card port. The AGBRIDGE™ Drive is a powerful, yet inexpensive single board computer that works in unison with the AGBRIDGE™ Mobil App to transport data between the field and office without the need for user interaction.

export & import data to and from the agbridge™ drive

Data transport to the office begins with copying data files to an AGBRIDGE™ Drive that is connected to the USB port of a machine's ag controller in same manner as with a thumb drive. Likewise, data transport to the field ends with the importing of data files from an AGBRIDGE™ Drive.