AGBRIDGE™ is a unique wireless data transport solution that enables simple and affordable transfer of precision agriculture data between Ag Controllers operating in the field and the computers of Growers and their trusted advisers. Unlike other systems in the market, AGBRIDGE™ is a universal solution that works with most any brand of controller by simply connecting the powerful AGBRIDGE™ Drive to the USB port. Users have the option of utilizing their existing smartphone (or tablet) service for transporting files, or they can choose to operate in WiFi Direct or Mobile Hotspot Mode. AGBRIDGE™ is the one solution capable of precision Ag data transfer between the field and office regardless of equipment brand, enabling secure and efficient precision Ag data management for any size operation.

Transport as-applied data, boundary files, prescriptions, and more between the field and office. Easily port A-B lines from one machine to another without leaving the field. All of this with a push of a button while maintaining secure back up of configuration files, spray records, application data, yield data, and much more. In Smart Device Mode files are moved to and from the user’s mobile device meaning that AGBRIDGE™ works even when equipment is in an area with no data connection.

At a fraction of the cost of competing solutions, AGBRIDGE™ is a precision Ag data transfer solution that provides Ag retailers with an inexpensive data bridge between their office network, the application equipment they operate, and the customers they serve. For crop consultants, AGBRIDGE™ enables continuous remote access to their customer’s precision data and equipment. And for growers, AGBRIDGE™ provides secure precision agriculture data storage, efficient connection to their trusted advisers, and the opportunity to unlock the power of precision Ag data.

Advisers and Service Providers can purchase Grower Subscriptions and System Hardware at a discount with the purchase of a One Year Adviser Subscription. With this subscription a Service Provider's organization can be connected to an unlimited number of Growers. Purchase an Adviser Subscription first and then purchase as many Grower Subscriptions and AGBRIDGE™ Drives as needed.

Growers have the option of purchasing a Grower Subscription directly from AGBRIDGE™ or obtaining a subscription through a local service provider or adviser.

Custom Applicators receive a complimentary Adviser Subscription with the purchase of a One Year Fleet Management Subscription for 3 or more machines.