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Ag Retail Fleet Solutions that work with any brand display

Multiple options for transporting data

1 - Smart Device Mode

2 - Smart Device Hotspot

3 - WiFi Network

4 - Mobile Hotspot - 8, 9, 10 & 12 month plans available

LOW subscripion fee for as low as $115 / machine enables all data transporting modes

ADD DATA PLAN to any machine for as low as $230 per year

Mobile Hotspot Mode includes Fleet Tracking feature allowing fleets to be monitored through the AGBRIDGE™ Mobile App

Enhanced Fleet Tracking coming in May...will work with Smart Device Hotspots too!

As-applied Map Viewer allows coverage maps to be viewed from any smart device. Easily share maps with customers, advisers, and office staff.

Smart Device IS NOT REQUIRED when operating in WiFi Direct or Mobile Hotspot Modes

Easily Move Mobile Hotspots from one cab to another. Avoid paying for data plans to sit idle.

Data Plan offerings only available in U.S.

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